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Why Ben Affleck is not Directing Upcoming Batman Film ?

Why Ben Affleck is not Directing Upcoming Batman Film ?



Ben Affleck confirmed that he will not direct the new batman solo film. In a statement to entertainment Weekly, Affleck narrated, "There square measure sure characters World Health Organization hold a exceptional emotional attachment  within the hearts of millions. playacting this role demands focus, passion and also the best possible performance I will offer. it's become clear that I cannot do each jobs to the extent they need.”

Affleck had previously same he and others were still performing on the script for the primary solo film that includes the Caped Crusader in additional than 5 years. the concept was originally to possess him star and direct the project, however in associate degree interview last year with atom smasher, he same he wasn't nevertheless pleased with the script.

Affleck, 44, initial seemed as batman in "Batman v Superman" and can appear once more as Bruce Wayne in "Justice League" this November.



The laurels winner tells the reporters on quite one occasion that each one individuals ever asked regarding was attendant, not his alternative comes. however he did tell friend Jimmy Kimmel earlier this year that he was still on board for the solo attendant project.

"I’m gonna direct succeeding attendant, we’re functioning on it," he aforesaid to Associate in Nursing commendation from Kimmel's studio audience.

But in Monday's statement, he said, "Together with the studio, I actually have set to seek out a partner in an exceedingly director World Health Organization can collaborate with ME on this huge film. I'm still during this, and that we are creating it, however we tend to are presently longing for a director."

According to The Associated Press, Warner Bros., the studio manufacturing the solo attendant film and "Justice League," aforesaid it "fully supports" Affleck's call to step down as director.

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